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Monica - Day 19

Saturday, 10 January 2009 10:37 by mark

Monica - Day 19

Monica has now been transferred to her new home.  She looked really tiny all wrapped up in the travel incubator but had her eyes open to see what was going on on her first ever journey outside the hospital.  She had a couple of desats while in the ambulance (which was a bit scary as I was following in the car behind so really didn't want to see the blue lights come on and the ambulance pulling over... luckily it was mainly so that the nurse could stand up without falling over rather than anything really bad).

Monica is in an isolation room for a few days which is normal when babies are transferred in from another hospital, and mum has spent her first night at home in about 7 weeks or so.

She now weighs 3.08 lbs which is great news and her little arms and legs certainly look a bit chubbier so we're really pleased about that.  Her feeds have been increased again and she desats a bit after a lot of feeds but other than that she is doing great :-)

Monica's first night in her new home.  Back in an incubator for now but thats more for isloation reasons, as she has been managing to keep her own temperature regulated fine outside of an incubator for the last few days

They moved the feeding tube to the other side before she moved so there is a bit of redness from the tape.

She is always really happy to have a cuddle with mummy :-)

Monica's new home while she is in isolation (until she moves to the normal SCBU ward)

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