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Monica - Week 6

Wednesday, 4 February 2009 02:44 by mark

Monica - Week 6

Monica has been doing exceptionally well this week.  She now weighs 2.420 Kg (5 lbs 5oz !!!!) which isn't far away from being double her birth weight.  Some of the nurses even joke about her having a double chin and one of them that hadn't seen her since she was admitted from the Queen Charlotte's came over and said "Wow, Monica, you are a little fatty". We know that we are really lucky that Monica is able to tolerate her feeding regime although we are constantly amazed at how the doctors keep putting her 3 hourly quantity up (currently 54ml) every time her weight increases and how she takes it in her stride.  I made the mistake of letting the milk run out half way through a feed and was chastised with a cry that I knew could only mean "do not even think about stopping my food". Sure enough no sooner had the milk-into-tummy syphoning resumed than the look of contentment and calm returned.

Monica relaxing after her milk.

Monica catching another cat nap. Mum was actually very annoyed to return to find Monica had slipped under the blanket :-(

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