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Monica - Day 26

Sunday, 18 January 2009 18:36 by mark

Monica - Day 26

Monica didn't have a very good day today as she was desaturating a lot and having quite a few bradycardias.  To make matters far worse the nurse looking after her was pretty dim.  When you point out that a machine monitoring your babies vital signs is not working properly but get told that "The machine is tired" it is to say the least, somewhat annoying.

We forced them to put another monitoring machine on and were proven right.  Unfortunately though because of this stupid situation poor Monica had desaturated quite badly but the machine simply hadn't picked it up and she ended up on oxygen for a while until she picked up again.  To say we were livid is an understatement.  To have a daft person telling ME (someone who works with computers) that a "machine is tired" is rather pathetic.  I had to explain to the nurse that machines don't get tired thats why cars are now built with Robots, Dur!  Not happy.

Monica has now been moved to the main ward which she shares with about eight other babies (one of which has a possible chest infection).  We're glad she is still in her incubator and are watching the nurses and staff like hawks to make sure they wash their hands before going near our little one.  The hand washing regime here is much more relaxed than at the Queen Charlotte and Chelsea hospital.

Dinner time.

Monica is still sleeping, eating, growing :-)

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