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Monica - Day 27

Sunday, 18 January 2009 19:06 by mark

Monica - Day 27

Monica may have a cold coming on we're told :-(  After her bad day yesterday some of the staff noticed that she has the sniffles so may be getting a cold.  We're hoping not.

More alarmingly we've also been told that Monica needs a blood transfusion because her Hemoglobin levels are too low, so she now has another cannula :-( The transfusion will happen tomorrow after they have checked both Marie's and Monica's blood with the donor blood.  We're told it is quite common for preterm babies to require blood transfusions.

Monica looking cute with her little armband.

Mummy watching over Monica.

Monica now has another cannula ready for her blood transfusion :-(

Monica wondering what on earth mummy and daddy are doing. 

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